Veronica Borowczyk
Kanji ベロニカ・ボロズウィック
Romaji Beronika Borozuuikku
Personal Information
Species Kushutonian
Status Alive
Gender Female
Birthday August 14
Height 154 cm
Weight 45 kg
Blood Type B
Professional Information
Affiliations ēlDLIVE
Relatives Father (alive)

Mother (alive)

Section Solar System District station

Criminal Investigation Divsion 5

Rank First Rank Assistant Inspector
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 3.1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Riho Iida
English Voice Morgan Garrett

Veronica Borowczyk (ベロニカ・ボロズウィック Beronika Borozu'uikku?, alternatively spelled Weronika) is one of the main characters and a heroine. She is an Assistant Inspector in Division 5 of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Solar System District station.

Appearance Edit


Veronica is a girl with wavy orange hair tied up in two twin tails with ribbons. She has large blue eyes. When her SPH is activated, a pink horn appears on her forehead.

She is usually seen wearing her ēlDLIVE uniform, with a red U on the cuffs to signify her rank of Assistant Inspector. She also wears special pink shoes instead of the usual white boots in order to use her SPH more effectively.

When she enrolled in Shirobori Middle School, she also began to wear the school uniform: a white shirt and red checkered skirt.

Personality Edit

Veronica is a competitive, hot-headed girl who hates to lose. She enjoys competing with other people, even when chasing criminals. She and Misuzu in particular has a special rivalry stemming from their rookie years in ēlDLIVE.

She is proud of her Kushutonian heritage, especially her pure blood, and cries in Season 4 when Dr. Love tells her he gave her artificial organs because of her injuries in Season , because it means her pure blood is "tainted".

She is also shown to be blunt in words and actions sometimes, most notably calling Chuuta a burden in Season 3. She also likes to tease people, especially Misuzu.

However, she also shows a honorable and reasonable side, such as telling Chuuta to run away and leave her when she was bleeding to death in Season 3.

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Obrót Akcja Edit

Spin action.

Trivia Edit

  • Veronica means "true image" or "she who brings victory".
  • Borswick could possibly be a variation on the surname Borthwick.
  • Borowczyk correct reads like Borovchyk.
  • In the monthly calendar featuring Veronica on Amano's Twitter, her name is spelled as Weronika, a Polish spelling of Veronica.
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