Space Pheromones, or SPH for short, are special secretions released by aliens. It is similar to the pheromones used by insects to communicate with each other, but much more powerful. It is a power not found on Earth.

It can be used to send signals, and even attack others. The only way to fight SPH is with SPH. In élDLIVE, officers use it to arrest criminals. Each alien's SPH has a unique scent that can't be changed. This allows for the tracking of SPH, used for locating and identifying suspects by ēlDLIVE. Humans, like Chuuta Kokonose, cannot sense it.

SPH can be expressed in many different ways. Some, like Misuzu and Ninochika, can use it to transform into a combat form. Others, like Veronica, use it to enhance their body's abilities with special equipment. Chuuta and Drew combine their minds together in order for Drew to release his SPH.Humans cannot use SPH. However, SPH organs can be transplanted in them to allow them to emit it, like with Gucchi and Misuzu.
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