Mimi Kokonose

Mimi Kokonose

Mimi Anime

Kanji 九ノ瀬 ミミ
Romaji Kokonose Mimi
Personal Information
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Female
Birthday February 3
Height 163 cm
Weight 53 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Information
Occupation Muffin shop owner
Relatives Chuuta Kokonose (nephew)

Unnamed baby

First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1.1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Akiko Kimura

Mimi Kokonose (九ノ瀬 ミミ Kokonose Mimi?) is the aunt and caretaker of Chuuta Kokonose

Appearance Edit

Mimi is a thin woman with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and large green eyes. She resembles Chuuta a lot, as the two both share a similar eye color.

Personality Edit

Mimi is a kind, if ditzy, woman who loves Chuuta very much, she is said to know Chuuta almost better than anyone else, and was always worried about his lack of friends until she met Tateyan.

Mimi is terrible at doing chores, which are mostly done by Chuuta, and isn't very good at cooking either, ironically she has excellent baking skills.

Plot Edit

Season 1

Mimi hugging Chuuta

Mimi impressed with Chuuta.

Mimi greets Chuuta after he returns home from school, she questions whether her nephew if he was daydreaming in class once again, which he quickly denies. Mimi changes the subject when she remembers that her muffin shops dust cloth was frayed, which Chuuta helps by giving Mimi a new dust cloth. After remembering to eat lunch, Mimi encounters Chips in the kitchen, in attempt to shake hands with Mimi, Chips causes Mimi to faint with his long tongue.

Mimi hospital

Mimi in the hospital.

Mimi is later hospitalized after having broken glass shattered on her from a window. Her doctor reveals that she needed a small operation performed on her and her arm needed to be stitched up, though her life wasn't in any danger.

Season 2 Edit

When Chuuta and Dolugh are at Gucchi's grave, Dolugh remembers Mimi taking Chuuta away from the funeral and sobbing after Gucchi's mom lashed out at him; he also remembers that after the incident, for three months after Chuuta went to sleep she cried in her bed; hearing this, Chuuta decides to do something to repay her.

At dinner, Mimi compliments Chuuta on his cooking; when he asks to talk to her, she wonders why he sounds so stiff. He tells her to go ahead and get married without worrying about him; she is so shocked by this she spits out her soup and messes up the dinner table and her clothes; she accidentally dumps flour on the kitchen floor. She waves him off and goes to the front of the store, where she remarks that she couldn't believe Chuuta is at the age to say those kinds of things; she then pulls out a business card with the name "Yukimune Hayakawa" on it, and says that it's still too fast for him and that it's not now.

Season 9 Edit

she's is now married and had a baby and still manage her muffin shop with her nephew.

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