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Matsutarou young

Matsutarou teenage

Kanji 松太郎
Romaji Matsutarou
Personal Information
Species Earthling
Status Alive
Age 14
Gender Male
Professional Information
Affiliations ēlDLIVE

Professor Scarlet

Section Headquarters
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1.1 (flashback)

Chapter 8.3 (actual appearance)

Anime Debut Episode 1 (flashback)

Matsutarou (松太郎 Matsutarou?) is a childhood friend of Chuuta Kokonose. He went missing seven years ago when he fell off a cliff on Mount Taketori along with his other friends Michiyo and Ken "Gucchi" Mizoguchi, but is revealed by Gucchi in Season 2 to be alive, along with Michiyo, and is somewhere in the other parts of the universe.

Appearance Edit

As a child, Matsutarou was a short, chubby kid with curly, indigo hair and small black eyes.

As a teenager, he slimmed down, probably due to his ēlDLIVE training.

Plot Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • Seven years ago, a month before the Mount Taketori incident, Chuuta, Michiyo, Matsutarou, and Gucchi gathered near a shrine to give going-away presents to Gucchi, who was about to move away; Matsutarou got him a bag of shed cicada skins and a ramen spoon from Gucchi's favorite ramen shop; he is shocked when Gucchi revealed that he wasn't going to move away after all and wanted his gift back; when Chuuta suggested that they make a time capsule out of the gifts and put it in her box, he thought the idea was interesting; the others told Gucchi to put something in as well, and he decided to put in a photo of the four of them that his mom took, but Matsutarou thought it was unfair that he only put something that little in; the items were put into the box and they raced off to find a shovel to bury the box at the red torii
  • Appears in present day Chuuta's flashback of his friends falling from the cliff when Drew mentions his missing friends when talking about how much he's changed, since he's not running his past as much anymore
  • Appears in another flashback when Chuuta is thinking about how if he made the right decision, he could've saved his friends

Season 8 Edit