Kanji ルージン
Romaji Rujin
Personal Information
Species Alien
Status Alive
Gender Male
Professional Information
Affiliations Team Madigan
Occupation Alien breeder, businessman
Relatives Glock (adoptive son)
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 7.2

Luzin (ルージン Rujin?) is a member of Team Madigan.

Appearance Edit

Luzin has the appearance of a middle-aged man with wavy black hair and grey eyes.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Luzin is a man with a checkered past. He is a former A rank criminal who is rumored to be involved in the deaths of more than 100 aliens and be a VIP in the underground community. He runs a transportation company in northern Europe, and is currently a rare alien breeder. Sometime in the past, Madigan entrusted him with the raising of baby Glock.

Plot Edit

Season 7 Edit

Luzin first appears along with the rest of Team Madigan. He's instantly recognized by Veronica, who is very suspicious of the fact that they have to work with criminals. He dismisses her and says that he's no longer a criminal. After the Park brothers, who are also members of Team Madigan, created a training space for them with their SPH, Madigan explains to the group about the "Life and Death" training that they're going to do to stimulate their SPH organs. Luzin brings out red devices that would be used in the training to help protect their brains. Misuzu mentions that they look like torture devices from the planet Bauer. The group reluctantly sits on them, and Luzin, now with protective glasses on, brings out a suitcase with a Guilmonth in it.