Kanji リィリ
Romaji Ryiri
Personal Information
Species Alien
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Birthday March 1
Height 155 cm
Weight 50 kg
Blood Type ?
Professional Information
Affiliations Heaven Sider
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 4.7

Lili (リィリ, Riiri?) was a member of Heaven Sider.

Appearance Edit

Lili was a short girl with long pink hair with thick bangs that cover her eyes. Every time she appeared in the manga, she wore it in different styles, such as twin tails, high ponytails, and buns. Also, She wore different kinds of clothes like the pink Lolita Styled Dress with matching pink umbrella and some of her clothes are bought in Earth. She was usually shown wearing a wide smile.

She could also morph into a more monstrous form, looking like a bigger version of her long tongue.

Plot Edit

Season 6 Edit

She was killed by Madigan using his SPH.

Powers and Abilities Edit

SPH Edit

Lili's SPH allows her to extend her tongue in long distances and fit into narrow spaces.

Other Edit

Lili monster form

Lili's monstrous form

Lili has the ability to make poison that can create a deadly virus capable of killing people within minutes. She is able to transform into a huge monster by collapsing her body and letting her tongue come out. Her monster form resembles a gigantic tongue with four legs, one large eye at the front and three mouths with jagged teeth at the back. She has the ability to spew poison.

Trivia Edit

  • Her likes include King and retro space fashion.
  • Her dislikes include the tooth arrangement in her second from the top mouth.
  • Lili bears a similar resemblence to the character Belphegor from Akira Amano's previous work, Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
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