Dahli Lime
Kanji ダリイ・ライム
Romaji Darii Raimu
Personal Information
Species Lidovian
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Professional Information
Affiliations Mothers (formerly)
Occupation Belargo's subordinate (formerly)
Rank A-rank criminal
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 3.1
Anime Debut Episode 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Toshihiro Ookubo

Darie Lime (ダリイ・ライム Darii Raimu?) was a former subordinate of Inspector Beralgo who tried to kidnap Misuzu Sonokata and Dr. Love in order to open the "door" to a treasure that can be found by unlocking Misuzu's memories. He was known for using a remote control SPH that could be instilled in people and turn them into his puppets.

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