Chuuta Kokonose
Kanji 九ノ瀬 宙太
Romaji Kokonose Chuuta
Personal Information
Species Earthling
Status Alive
Age 14→18 (Last season)
Gender Male
Birthday July 20
Height 158 cm

170 cm (Currently)

Weight 48 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Information
Affiliations ēlDLIVE
Occupation ēlDLIVE Criminal Investigation Officer (Active)

Shirobori Middle School (Student)

College Student

Relatives Mimi Kokonose (aunt)

Unnamed cousin

Section Solar System District station

Criminal Investigation Division 2

Rank First rank officer
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1.1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Ayumu Murase
English Voice Morgan Berry

Chuuta Kokonose (九ノ瀬宙太 Kokonose Chuuta?) is a main character and the lead protagonist of ēlDLIVE. He is a 14 year-old, second year student at Shirobori Middle School.

He became an officer of Space Police foce, ēlDLIVE, after the Mother Computer found him suitable to become an élDLIVE member. This is due to a long lost alien race Monitalien that resides in his body, whom he talks to. Other people cannot hear this, so they believe he is talking to himself.

Appearance Edit

Chuuta is a young boy with unruly, messy black hair. He has greenish-yellow eyes. He is mostly shown wearing the Shirobori Middle School uniform which consists of a white shirt with orange-white stripes around the collar and cuffs, and red and white plaid pants. Aside from his usual clothing, he wears the periwinkle male ēlDLIVE uniform, white gloves, and white boots.

In the last season, Chuuta's current height increase as he is now in college. He also have a slight longer bangs compared to his junior high school hairstyle. It is also revealed that he gradually keeps on growing as he enters college.


As seen in the latest chapter of the final season.

Personality Edit

Chuuta is a kind boy who cares for the well-being of others, yet is quite lonely due to his lack of friends. He can be clumsy at times and is easily annoyed, and he does not hesitate to lash out his frustration. He doesn't have much confidence but is quick to attempt to disprove anybody who mocks him, Misuzu in particular. He also dislikes fighting, but he pushes this thought aside if he's doing what he thinks is right. The others in his school usually find Chuuta doing something weird, like talking to himself, which is what makes his process of achieving friends harder.  

At first when he joined ēlDLIVE, he was very hesitant about it and wanted to quit constantly, but gradually he came to embrace his new job. 

As the series progress he becomes more stronger and more confident than his previous self although there are times he has hesitated and have doubts about his skills. 

After his betrayal at the hands of Misuzu, Chuuta becomes significantly more gloomy and miserable. He is noted by Glock to have become significantly more twisted inside. 

History Edit

At some point in the past, a Monitalien, that later Chuuta nicknamed "Dolugh", chose Chuuta as its host and since then has been living inside him without Chuuta himself knowing.

Chuuta is an orphan and has lived with his aunt, Mimi, since he was a child. He often helps his aunt with her muffin store and has excelled in home economic study as a result. Chuuta doesn't have many friends because he keeps talking to a voice (the Monitalien) in his head that others can't hear, making him being mistaken as a weirdo who likes to talk to himself. During his childhood, he had three close friends, Gucchi, Michiyo, and Matsutaro. The four of them often spent their time playing together until Chuuta reached 7.

Seven years ago, at Mount Taketori, while Chuuta and his friends were playing near a cliff, the cliff collapsed. Despite Chuuta's best effort to help his friends, Chuuta accidentally made them fall when he followed Dolugh's suggestion to step on the right side, which Dolugh hadn't finished because he had meant to say that the right side is no good. This caused the cliff to collapse further as Chuuta watched his friends fell in despair. This accident traumatized Chuuta, so much that he unknowingly distanced himself from others and had no friends until he reached middle school where he met Tateyan, his only friend in school.

Plot Edit

Chūta Kokonose is a middle school boy who has been able to hear a voice that no one else could hear for as long as he could remember. One day, a strange blue alien named Chips appeared and recruited him to the space police, ēlDLIVE because he fit the requirements. During his entrance test, he discovered the voice he hears actually comes from a small white alien living in his body who he later named Dolugh. Combining his power with Dolugh, he was able to complete his exam using a power called SPH (Space Pheromone), used only by aliens. Chūta, now an officer, along with his coworker and classmate, Misuzu Sonokata, and the rest of the Solar System Area station have to work together to protect the universe from dangerous criminals.

Season 1 Edit

  • Introduced in class at Shirobori Middle School as spacing out and mumbling to himself, and gets yelled at by teacher for it
  • In Home Ec, his classmates are all talking about his latest gaffe
  • Misuzu Sonokata, one of Chuuta's classmates, looks over at him. Chuuta noticing this, blushes and thinks about how cute she is, and that her personality must be cute as well
  • The other students are awed by Chuuta's cooking skills, and the home economics club, seeing his skills, asks him to join a cooking tournament, but he declines, causing the home ec club members to comment that his withdrawn personality is why he has no friends
  • Seems to begin an argument with himself about being too negative, but the truth is that he's talking to a voice that only he can hear
  • The voice has given him lots of trouble in the past, like making him not able to listen to what other people say, and getting him into traffic accidents, as well as making everyone think he's a weirdo who talks to himself
  • Chuuta's thoughts are interrupted by Saotome-sensei, the teacher, breaking up a fight between two students and telling them to come to the faculty room after class; Chuuta thinks that she's cute and the voice comments that "it" is going "boyon-boyon"; Chuuta corrects it to "boing-boing"
  • Misuzu overhears him, calls him a pervert and tells him to disappear without leaving any traces; Chuuta is humiliated and gets depressed
  • After school, one of the students with Saotome-sensei, Tateyan, invites him for karaoke with them, but Chuuta declines
  • He heads to his locker and the voice tells him that there's a "strange shorty" inside; Chuuta notices a blue blob stuck inside
  • The blue blob pops out and salutes with him with a "Yooyoosa"; Chuuta, thinking he's a toy, takes it out and leaves
  • Chuuta returns home to his aunt, Mimi, who he lives with in a muffin shop; since she's hopeless with all chores except for making muffins, it's Chuuta's job to do them
  • Mimi heads upstairs, and then she screams; Chuuta runs up and sees the blue creature from before getting drunk on tea leaves; he tries to shake hands with Mimi but she faints
  • The blue creature introduces himself as Assistant Inspector Chips and says he will begin to transfer him to a station; a light hits Chuuta and green letters surround him; he is transferred out of Earth and into a spaceship behind the moon
  • Chuuta and Chips land upside-down in aroom with a bunch of aliens at terminals; Chuuta wonders if he's landed in the middle of a costume party
  • A man comes into the room with Misuzu behind him; he tells Chuuta that he's at the space police ēlDLIVE, and that his name is Laine Brick, chief of the Solar System District Station
  • Chuuta learns that Misuzu is also an officer of ēlDLIVE and had been sent by them to observe him; Chuuta is still confused so Laine put him in a spacesuit and fired him out into space to see for himself
  • After he comes back, Laine tells him that the mission of ēlDLIVE is to maintain peace and order for all that lives in the universe, and that qualified members like him are scattered across the universe and chosen by a Mother computer to join
  • However, Laine explains that he still needs to pass the admission test, but Chuuta is still confused about the whole thing; Misuzu objects to Chuuta joining because she believes that he's unfit to be one (she calls him a daydreamer and a pervert); Chuuta is insulted and begins to argue with Misuzu that all she does talk bad about him; the voice urges Chuuta to join ēlDLIVE because it seems interesting; Chuuta yells out loud at it to shut up and everyone mistakes him for yelling at Misuzu
  • Laine takes this to mean that Chuuta is taking the test; transfers him back down to Earth along with Chips to arrest a criminal with handcuffs for his test
  • They land in an intersection close to Chuuta's house; Spots Saotome-sensei and Tateyan coming over their way; Saotome-sensei is revealed to be an alien in disguise named Bocha
  • Is in a panic as Tateyan gets taken hostage; freezes up as Tateyan screams for help because he remembers how seven years ago when his childhood friends Gucchi, Michiyo, and Matsutarou were about to fall off a cliff on Mount Taketori while hiking, and while trying to save them, made the cliff collapse and causing his friends to fall to their deaths
  • Shouts in despair that it's impossible to save him either way, but soon realizes that he's the only one that can save Tateyan
  • Begins to yell at the voice to help think of a way to save him; Bocha starts squeezing Tateyan's neck
  • Chuuta yells for him to stop and a force from his chest pushes Bocha back
  • He is shocked when Dolugh appears from his chest; takes a moment before he realizes that Dolugh is the voice in his head manisfested
  • Bocha gets up and is about to rush at Chuuta; he notices that Bocha's flesh is flapping around like cloth and wonders what would happen if it is sewed up
  • This triggers the symbiosis attack "Naminui", which did exactly what Chuuta imagined: sewed up Bocha's skin
  • Chuuta handcuffs Bocha and asks Dolugh (who's unnamed) what exactly is he; Chuuta is accepted into ēlDLIVE.
  • The next day at school, at a soccer game, Chuuta recounts all the strange things that he saw and learned about; Dolugh pops out and he gets distracted and is hit in the crotch with a soccer ball
  • He goes to the nurse's office, and while there he gives Dolugh his name, taken from the name Dolugh initially introduced himself with: "A fourth-generation Monitalien, a water planet support system type, drubrit type 390".
  • Blames all of the embarassing things that has ever happened to him on Dolugh, and tries to strangle him, but in the process of doing that learns that they share one body, so therefore if Dolugh is hurting, then he will hurt too; and the only way that Dolugh will leave his body is when Chuuta dies
  • Misuzu shows up to tell him to go to work at ēlDLIVE; after some hesitation and being egged on by Dolugh, Chuuta follows her, despite the fact that it's still the middle of the school day
  • He follows her to the ēlDLIVE Earth branch where he also meets up with Chips, and they transfer to the station
  • There, Laine orders Misuzu take Chuuta on a tour of the ship; he learns that the department he's is the Criminal Investigation Department, and that he's in the second division with Misuzu and Chips
  • An alarm suddenly rings signalling that a prisoner has escaped and has transferred down to Earth; Chuuta and Misuzu decide to give chase
  • Dolugh urges Chuuta to attack, but he's still too unconfident in himself; he shouts that he doesn't want to join ēlDLIVE because it's too dangerous; Misuzu tells him to quit
  • However, seeing an old woman nearby, he throws himself at her to save her from the alien; Chuuta and Dolugh try to use Naminui to attack it but it rebounds
  • The alien is about to kill them but they are saved by Misuzu using her SPH to kill it
  • The old lady he saved thanks him; Dolugh tells him that he's feeling acknowledged
  • Misuzu asks him how long he's going to stand there since he quit, but Chuuta tells her that if he did he'll make sure to tell the Chief personally
  • Later, at a check-up with the head of the medical department, Professor Isaac, he learns that the mysterious power that Misuzu used to kill the criminal is called SPH (short for Space Pheromone), and is used by ēlDLIVE as a weapon instead of guns
  • Misuzu walks in to take her environmental adaptation pills, and kicks Chuuta when he looks up her panties acidentally
  • At a soccer game at school, Chuuta shows a bit more confidence by asking his teammates to pass him the ball, but misses it; Dolugh comes out to headbutt it into the net; his teammates, not noticing anything, praise him
  • Walking home from school, he passes by a shoplifter who stole gum, and uses Dolugh to shoot at them; his attack passed through them and shatters the muffin shop's window, which Mimi was standing behind and causes her to get injured
  • Chuuta visits her at the hospital but chickens out at the last minute because of his guilt; his low confidence causes Dolugh's body to disappear; he gets scolded by Misuzu for using Dolugh's power on Earth for a frivolous reason
  • He goes hme again to make dinner and considers quitting ēlDLIVE because of the danger involved with it
  • He delivers dinner to Mimi and says that he should have been the one hurt instead, since she has to work and he doesn't, and gets yelled at for it since if he was the one who got hurt, then she wouldn't have been able to work anyways since if he's healthy and happy, then so is she; he learns that Mimi has noticed the change in him recently and is happy about it; Chuuta makes up his mind to become stronger to protect her
  • Chips and Misuzu arrives to tell him that the shoplifter was actually an alien; they head off to work
  • At the station, Laine tells them that there's no cases at their level at the moment for them, so they should go catch up on schoolwork; Chuuta still wants to investigate the shoplifter, even though he is told not to bring personal feelings into work
  • Chuuta wonders where to start and asks Professor Isaac for help; he is told to go to the SPH Investigation room to find a record of the criminal's SPH
  • There, he meets Melies, the officer in charge, and after some investigation, learns that the shoplifter is also a murderer who had just killed again
  • Chuuta convinces Laine to let him go investigate; the rest of Division 2 gather to be briefed on the case
  • They learn that the alien is a Gamshunian and the victim is also one as well; A picture of a yellow truck with the characters for "east" and "high" written on it found next to the body might've been how they got away
  • In the SPH Investigation room, Chuuta and Dolugh managed to figure out that the characters actually mean "Toumei Highway", and traces of the criminal's SPH is found there; they immediately transfer there
  • They land in the middle of the highway, and while Chuuta is trying to get to the other side he accidentally bumped into the truck, which is actually much smaller than it appeared in the photo; the alien shrunk because of Chuuta piercing a hole in him earlier
  • Chuuta tries to grab him but is stopped by his SPH; Misuzu cuts the truck open with her SPH but the alien attaches itself with its gum-like body to her face to prevent her from breathing
  • Chuuta remembers a time when he used ice cubes to get gum off of Mimi's blouse, and works together with Dolugh to use their SPH to create ice to freeze the alien off; it works and Misuzu thanks him but says she still doesn't acknowledge his admission into élDLIvE; Chuuta thinks that her personality is really uncute
  • Laine radios in to compliment Chuuta on his quick thinking; just when they were going to arrest the criminal, he exploded because he had failed his mission, but Chuuta is saved from injury by Misuzu who covered him; the explosion left the criminal organization Demille's mark
  • Chuuta is nervous the prospect of a dangerous organization like that coming to Earth, but says he's shaking with anticipation when Misuzu asks him if he's nervous
  • He visits Mimi in the hospital again and is surprised to see Tateyan also there visiting; when they are leaving he asks Chuuta what happened to him three days ago, when he was about to be killed by Bocha but was saved by him, and Chuuta lies that it must have been a dream
  • Tateyan thanks him even if it was a dream,and that they should go and catch cicadas when summer comes; Chuuta thinks about how he has forgotten about having friends like this; Mimi rushes in crying about how Chuuta has finally made a friend since before entering élDLIVE he didn't have any; Chuuta realizes how much he's been worrying his aunt and thinks about ever since he joined ēlDLIVE he's been discovering things about himself as well as others
  • In the station later, Chuuta gets his ēlDLIVE uniform and his welcoming party is started

Season 2 Edit

  • Seven years ago, a month before the Mount Taketori incident, Chuuta, Michiyo, Matsutarou, and Gucchi gathered near a shrine to give going-away presents to Gucchi, who was about to move away; Chuuta got him hand-sewn dolls of the four of them; he is shocked when Gucchi revealed that he is not going to move away after all; Michiyo and Matsutarou wanted their gifts back, but Chuuta suggested they make a time capsule out of them and put it in Michiyo's box, so that it'll belong to everyone; Gucchi asked him if he was talking to himself again but he denies it; the others told him to put something in as well, and he decided to put in a photo of the four of them that his mom took; Chuuta thought it was a great choice; the items were put into the box and they raced off to find a shovel to bury the box at the red torii
  • In the present, Chuuta is trying to dig up the box but couldn't find it anywhere; he asks Dolugh again if he remembers where it is, but he says that he was asleep at the time
  • When Dolugh tells him that he seemed different lately because he's been willing to talk about his missing friends, he muses that he can never get away from it it's always beside him, but it's ironic that when he wants to look for it it disappears
  • At school, the students stand outside to listen to the principal's speech, and Chuuta is agreeing with Dolugh about how boring it is; Dolugh remarks that yesterday's ēlDLIVE training was a blast, and Chuuta wonders which part was
  • For his training with Misuzu and Chips, Chips had brought in a machine to improve Chuuta's accuracy at catching criminals with his SPH; the machine could be set at different levels and targets will fly out of it that will require Chuuta to hit them with his SPH; small helicopter-like objects began flying out, and Chips warned him that if they touch him, his skin will swell up just like as if he's being stung by an Earth bee; Chuuta asked him why he didn't tell him earlier and tells Dolugh to use Naminui; he's happy and surprised that he managed to hit all of them, even though Dolugh said he just barely hit all of them
  • After that, it was Misuzu's turn, and he was shocked when she requested that the machine be turned up to Level 20; even more targets came flying out, and he's amazed when she hits them all with her SPH; Chips complimented her on this, but Chuuta is told by her that as members of the CID (Criminal Investigation Division), it is expected of them to be able to do something like this, since they are the ones that fight criminals; Chuuta is annoyed by her tone; she then told him to dodge the SPH ring she was about to throw at him; he was confused but thanks to Dolugh's warning he managed to dodge it; unfortunately, he accidentally blowing Chips away in the process; he angrily asked her why she did that, but she told him that she told him to dodge; Chuuta believed that she did it on purpose, and he asked her if she could dodge it if he only told her to; she replied that she could, even if he shortened "dodge" into "dog salmon" (Misuzu shortened the Japanese word for dodge, sakete, into sake, the Japanese word for dog salmon); when he asked her how did she get dog salmon from dodge, she refused to explain, and Chuuta was annoyed that she wasn't making any sense; when Chips told them that he accidentally set the machine to Level 100 and a huge swarm of targets flew out, he was terrified that he was going to die if he got stung; just then, Tonto walked into bring Chips a notification, and he yelled for her to watch out when the swarm was about to attack her; he was shocked when Tonto defeated the swarm easily by batting at them; he thought that she was amazing, and noticed Misuzu looking annoyed, he repeated back to her what she said about needing to work hard to fight criminals on the scene as members of the CID, angering her and she said she should not have told him to dodge, shocking him; they started to argue again
  • In the present day, Chuuta continues thinking about how unfun the training was, and spots Misuzu standing in front of him and thinking that if Misuzu had a nicer personality he could like her better; he is shocked to see Misuzu suddenly faint
  • Dolugh asks what happened, but he does not know; Dolugh then suddenly mentions smelling something before going unconscious as well, in full view of everyone and making Chuuta panic
  • His classmates look over at him so he pretended that he was just talking to himself again; he wonders what should he do before Chips radios him on the badge; he is told by Chips that he will retrieve Misuzu and him
  • He is dumbfounded when Chips shows up immediately after in a female humanoid robot costume, pretending to be Misuzu's mother to take her away
  • Chips tells Chuuta to come with him as well since he also made a story that says that he received a message from Aunt Mimi telling him to go home early for "various reasons"; Chuuta leaves thinking that this is messed up
  • He tells Chips that Mimi will scold him if he went home too early; Chips tells him to do something about that; he wonders what happened to Dolugh
  • At the station, he was placed in a water tank to replace his body fluids since Dolugh fell unconscious; he gets embarrassed because he thought he is the only one naked, but gets even redder when Professor Isaku tells him that Misuzu is naked as well
  • He asks if he could see her, but is mortified when he is told that the glass is one-sided with microphones attached to all the tubes, meaning Misuzu heard his outburst; she tells him to disappear
  • Later, he and the rest of Division 2 meet up with Laine and Melies at the bridge to talk about the incident; Chuuta is surprised to hear Melies telling them that there were no traces of SPH usage on the radar, even though Dolugh said he smelled something, but Misuzu says that she smelled nothing; Professor Isaac explains that this differing opinion could be because of their different sensitivities to SPH
  • Is shown pictures of two new transfer students by Laine, who thinks they might be suspicious, but Chuuta has no idea who they are
  • After they leave the bridge, Chuuta tries to apologize to Misuzu about what happened in the water tanks; she claims that she's not mad but she keeps her distance from him, depressing him
  • Dolugh asks what he'll do after this since he doesn't have to go back to school; Chuuta decides to visit Gucchi's grave
  • On Earth, Chuuta brings a flower bouquet to Gucchi's grave; he flashes back to the funeral, where Gucchi's mom yelled at him for the first time; he thinks about how if he made the right decision, his friends would still be alive
  • He has a vague memory of Mimi crying against him after that incident when Dolugh mentions it; he is shocked when Dolugh tells him that ever since that day Mimi had been crying in her bed after Chuuta went to sleep for three months; he thinks that Mimi must have had a lot of painful memories because of him; he thinks of something to make it up to her
  • During dinner, Chuuta tells Mimi that they need to talk; he tells her that she should go ahead and get married and not worry about him; this shocked her so much she spits out her food and makes a mess of the dinner table
  • Chuuta asks if she's okay, and she waves him off; Chuuta wonders why she panicked so much since in TV this always works out with younger brothers telling their elder sisters this; Dolugh reminds him that usually the elder sister is asked if she was dating anyone first; Chuuta decides to clean up the mess and pretend it never happened
  • The next morning at school, Chuuta brings a pair of binoculars to watch the transfer students; but when Misuzu says that it'll be too conspicuous, regrets it
  • Chuuta asks her if she heard that Demille is coming to the Solar System; he wonders if the transfer students are part of Demille, but she says that he's imagining too much
  • Chips radios Chuuta and Misuzu at school from the Earth branch to tell them that the transfer students had called in sick, and that the team tracking them yesterday found no suspicious activity; Chuuta thinks that it's too much of a coincidence for them to both be sick at the same time; he feels tired after being so nervous
  • The homeroom teacher announces that they will have a new transfer student today, shocking Chuuta
  • A boy who resembles a teenage Gucchi walks in, shocking Chuuta even further

Reunion with GucchiEdit

The next day, a transfer student is introduced in Chuuta's class. Chuuta was shocked when the transfer students turns out to share uncanny resemblance with Gucchi and for a moment believed that it was him until the transfer student introduces himself as Mikio Narita. Rein orders them to watch over the transfer student, suspecting him to be an enemy spy. Chuuta, feeling uneasy of Mikio's resemblance with Gucchi, directly approaches him and offers to take him around the town as they go home together.

Chuuta's declaration

Chuuta declares his position as an ēlDLIVE officer

At Taketoriyama, Mikio finally reveals that he is indeed Gucchi. Chuuta at first was glad to know that Gucchi is alive, but Gucchi punches him as he angrily tells him how everything happened seven years ago was Chuuta's fault. Chuuta can only apologize, which only angers Gucchi more who reveals that he has become the captain of Demille spaceship after he was saved by them when he was near death in the accident. Gucchi reveals that his target is Dolugh that is attached to Chuuta. He proposes Chuuta an offer that if he willingly gives Dolugh to Demille, he will erase the memory of the accident and release Misuzu and Chips whom he had taken hostage with his subordinates' help. Chuuta contemplates to give up Dolugh if he can be forgiven that way and he can become a normal person like everyone else, but eventually decides not to because if he is with Dolugh, he can fight against bad people like Demille. Chuuta states that it's fine not to forget the past, since he got a lot of memories from it. Chuuta expresses his gratitude to Gucchi for able to have a reunion with him, and then apologizes to refuse his offer because he is now an ēlDLIVE officer whose job is to stop him and the rest of Demille.
Chuuta strikes Gucchi

Chuuta strikes Gucchi

Gucchi's subordinate, Sun, threatens to kill Misuzu if he refuses to hand over Dolugh. Noticing the red fabric fell from Misuzu's pocket that supposed to contain medicine to wake them from the SPH sleeping system, Chuuta realizes that Misuzu already woke up and uses Naminui against Sun as he tells Misuzu to avoid it. Freed from her captive, Misuzu easily kills Sun and Sen with her SPH and engages Gucchi in battle. Summoning his SPH, Gucchi smashes the ground and uses the debris to knock out Misuzu. Before Gucchi can kill her, Chuuta uses Naminui to strike through Gucchi, much to his horror. To his surprise though, Gucchi merely laughs as he reveals that there's a recorder on his Demille mark, so Demille can know if he betrays them. But now that Chuuta had destroyed the recorder, Gucchi reveals that he never blamed Chuuta for the accident and still thinks of him as his best friend. He reveals that he joins Demille in hope to find Michiyo and Matsutaro who are still alive somewhere in space. Both have a happy moment of their reunion that didn't last long when Misuzu regains consciousness and attack Gucchi. Gucchi retreats, but not before telling Chuuta not to tell this to anyone else.
Chuuta removes flowers

Chuuta removing the flowers from Gucchi's grave

Chuuta informs Misuzu that the Demille space ship is attacking their ship. Both goes to the ēlDLIVE ship to give the information they got and help defending the ship. With Rein's instruction, they are able to force Demille to retreat. Back on Earth, Chuuta takes back the flower on Gucchi's grave since it's no longer necessary now that he knows Gucchi is still alive. When he was about to go back, he meets Gucchi's mother who apologizes for blaming him seven years ago. She tells him that the blue box that contains presents for Gucchi prior to the accident disappeared from his room and instead there's a photo of Gucchi with Chuuta, Matsutaro, and Michiyo that taken when they were children along with Gucchi's pin, making her realize that he is still alive. Chuuta wants to tell her that he has met Gucchi, but remembers that he can't. She asks Chuuta to play again with Gucchi if he returns home, which Chuuta promises that he will.

Misuzu's ArrestEdit

At the spaceship, Rein asks Chuuta if he still wants to continue being an élDLIVE officer considering Gucchi is the captain of Demille. Remembering the high possibility of both Matsutaro and Michiyo still alive somewhere in space, Chuuta determines to continue his job to find them. At the canteen, Chuuta reluctantly asks for Misuzu's help to write his report, which Misuzu agrees to under the reason that Chuuta needs to become a first-class officer so that he won't be a hindrance. Misuzu also reveals that she actually already awoke when she was taken by Sen and Sun. She merely pretended to stay unconscious to test Chuuta's decisiveness. Chuuta states that subordinates shouldn't do that, but much to Chuuta's shock, she praised his right judgment when handling the situation. She then gives Chuuta the file containing Chuuta's childhood accident. Chuuta asks why she gave this to him, and Misuzu replies that he has the right to know, since this is his past. Realizing that Misuzu did this for him, Chuuta contemplates his previous judgment of Misuzu, and thanks her.

They are interrupted by Belargo and his team who comes to arrest Misuzu, showing the video recording of Misuzu being the one who had freed the prisoner. Chuuta tries to defend her, but he was stopped since they also need to ask him some things as the Monitalien host. Chuuta could only watch Misuzu being taken away as he thinks that there must be a mistake.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

SPH Edit

Chuuta shares Dolugh's SPH. As Dolugh's host, he shares his body with Dolugh, and thus if Dolugh gets hurt, the same thing will happen to him as well. Both are inseparable unless Chuuta dies. Dolugh is also connected to Chuuta's emotions and sometimes takes action in response to Chuuta's feelings. In battle, Chuuta will create an image of his attack while Dolugh materializes it with its
  • Using Naminui to sew up Saotome-sensei
  • Using Frozen Gum Peeling to get the alien off Misuzu's face
  • Using Round Slicing to cut up Ninochika's funnels
symbiosis power, thus Dolugh calls out "Sympathy" when they attack. So far, Chuuta has created his attacks based on his home economics experiences.
  • Naminui (なみぬい? Lit. Sewing) - Dolugh creates a rope and a huge fabric that binds their enemies.
  • Frozen Gum Peeling (冷却ガムはがし Reikyaku Gamu Hagashi?) - Dolugh creates ice to freeze their enemy, who had a body with the consistency of gum.
  • Frozen Bomb Defusal (冷却爆弾止め, Reikyaku Bakudan Dome?) - Dolugh shoots ice at the bombs attached to the civilians in order to stop the bombs from exploding.
  • Round Slicing (輪切り, Wagiri?) - Dolugh creates thin white blades that slices at SPH, similar to a knife slicing onions.
  • Crochet (かぎ針編み, Kagibariami?) - Dolugh shoots a blue beam that creates a web similar to a crocheted doily. It is hot to the touch and able to block an enemy's escape.
  • Chuuta stealing Dolugh's consciousness and weapons
  • Chuuta's and Dolugh's Mega Sympathy

Upgrade Edit

After Dolugh's upgrade in Season 3, he gained small blue wings that sprout from his back. These wings increase his speed dramatically.

Mega Sympathy

When Madigan speaks trash about the death of Chuuta's Eldlive comrades, Chuuta releases his own SPH and steals Dolugh's consciousness and weapons. He gains red blades from Dolugh's body on both hands

Natural Abilities Edit

Chuuta is shown to be very good at home economics, whether it is cooking or sewing. He was even skilled enough to beat the teacher at a sewing contest.

Trivia Edit

  • Chuuta (宙太) means "big space".
    • A reference to the space setting the series is set in.
  • Chuuta seems to have feelings for Misuzu. In the anime, it is outright stated in the first episode that it is a crush.
    • Later in the series, this fact is established and it was also revealed that the feeling is mutual.
    • They are now dating and enters the same college but still keeps their positions as ēlDLIVE officers.