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# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 December 4, 2013 ISBN : 9784088708874 April 25, 2017 (digital) ISBN : N/A
Chapters list :
Chapter 1.1: Chuuta, the "Voice", and the Admission Test

Chapter 1.2: Super Cool Space Girl

Chapter 1.3: Chase Away the Shoplifter!

Bonus Content: Profiles for Chuuta Kokonose, the Shambrolian Bocha, Dragrain, and the Gamshuvian Jim; definition of él civilization; Chuuta's Home Ec Challenge 1

Cover character : Chuuta Kokonose

Pages :
Volume 1
No one else can hear the "voice" middle school student Chuuta Kokonose hears. Those around him thinks he's an oddball when they hear him talk to himself. One day, all of a sudden, Chuuta finds himself being scouted by those who protect the peace and security of those who live in the universe, the space police ēlDLIVE!! Space police action kicks off this story of a boy being challenged by an unknown world!!
2 May 2, 2014 ISBN : 9784088801162 July 25, 2017 (ebook) ISBN : N/A
Chapters list :
Note: All of the serialized chapters are combined into one single chapter for the tankōbon.

Chapter 2.1: Pursuer From the Past 1

Chapter 2.2: Pursuer From the Past 2

Chapter 2.3: Pursuer From the Past 3

Chapter 2.4: Pursuer From the Past 4

Chapter 2.5: Pursuer From the Past 5

Chapter 2.6: Pursuer From the Past 6

Bonus Content: Profiles for Misuzu Sonokata, Harry, space moss, Ken Mizoguchi, the Tasemians; definitions for Mothers and Mothers Inspector; Chuuta's Home Ec Challenge 2

Cover character : Misuzu Sonokata

Pages :
Volume 2
In the schoolyard, Misuzu and Drew suddenly lose consciousness. Not knowing the reason, Chuuta and the others marked two suspicious transfer students... In addition, there's intelligence coming in saying that a ship of the large criminal organization, Demille, is entering the solar system, making Chuuta anxious. Meanwhile, in Chuuta's class, a new transfer student arrived and looks just like his missing childhood friend, Gucchi!? Space police action is given in full color for all of Volume 2!
3 February 4, 2015 ISBN : 9784088802886 N/A ISBN : N/A
Chapters list :
Note: All of the serialized chapters are combined into one single chapter for the tankōbon.

Chapter 3.1: Something to Believe In 1

Chapter 3.2: Something to Believe In 2

Chapter 3.3: Something to Believe In 3

Chapter 3.4: Something to Believe In 4

Chapter 3.5: Something to Believe In 5

Chapter 3.6: Something to Believe In 6

Chapter 3.7: Something to Believe In 7

Chapter 3.8: Something to Believe In 8

Bonus Content: Profiles for Chips and Darie Lime; definitions for transfer system and catcher; Chuuta's Home Ec Challenge 3

Cover character : Laine Brick

Pages :
Volume 3
Misuzu is being accused of spying. While she and the officers she was in contact with are under investigation, Chuuta is given a mission by the chief to go to Earth protect an important person. This important person, Dr. Love, is a famous genius scientist, who is targeted by many criminals, and the only person who can prove Misuzu's innocence! Space police action in full color for all of Volume 3!!
4 August 4, 2015 ISBN : 9784088805375 N/A ISBN : N/A
Chapters list :
Chapter 4.1: Misuzu's Lie (First Part)

Chapter 4.2: Misuzu's Lie (Last Part)

Chapter 4.3: His Name is Chuuta

Chapter 4.4: Catch That Face! (First Part)

Chapter 4.5: Catch That Face! (Last Part)

Chapter 4.6: A New Darkness (First Part)

Chapter 4.7: A New Darkness (Last Part)

Bonus Content: 4-koma Patrol; Profiles for Meeru Riggs, Tonto; Ribousuvians, and the Pentanian couple; Tobirae Selection (3.2 and 3.8 covers)

Cover character : Veronica Borowczyk

Pages :
Volume 4
Dr. Love, Veronica, and Ninotchka have transferred into Chuuta's class. Chuuta is asked a favor by Tateyan, who's in love at first sight with Ninotchka, he disputed with Misuzu about the smell problem, Veronica keeps provoking Misuzu, and Dr. Love, completely unaware that he's an important person, is going bowling with the others after school!? Space police action in full color for all of Volume 4!!
5 March 4, 2016 ISBN : 9784088805955 N/A ISBN : N/A
Chapters list :
Chapter 5.1: Something Missing 1

Chapter 5.2: Something Missing 2

Chapter 5.3: Something Missing 3

Chapter 5.4: Something Missing 4

Chapter 5.5: Something Missing 5

Chapter 5.6: Something Missing 6

Chapter 5.7: Something Missing 7

Bonus Content: 4-koma Patrol; Profile for Janruno R; Tobirae Selection (5.1 cover)

Cover character : Taklamakan Strange Love

Pages :
Volume 5
The large criminal organization Demille was destroyed. A Demille officer, Chuuta's childhood friend Gucchi was cornered by a mysterious group and blew himself up. Because this mysterious group is seeking their "goal", their next aim was set at Earth. Meanwhile, an alien is continuously bombing on Earth, and Chuuta and the others are dispatched...!? Space police action in full color for all of Volume 5!!
6 August 4, 2016 ISBN : 978-4088807683 N/A ISBN : N/A
Chapters list :
Chapter 6.1: Something Missing II 1

Chapter 6.2: Something Missing II 2

Chapter 6.3: Something Missing II 3

Chapter 6.4: Something Missing II 4

Chapter 6.5: Something Missing II 5

Bonus Content: Chuuta's Home Ec Challenge 4; Tobirae Selection (6.2 cover); Illustrations of Chuuta, Misuzu, Ninotchka, and Veronica in swimsuits

Cover character : Nina Mikhailovna Pavlova

Pages :
Volume 6
A lethal infectious disease spreads through the Solar System District Station, wiping out everyone in the ship. The remaining five are spared because they were outside the ship for Chuuta's spacewalk training, but are now in an emergency situation as the hatch to the ship is locked. There are only 30 minutes of oxygen left in their spacesuits, and just as Chuuta and the others are searching for a way to survive, an assassin from Heaven Sider appears! Space police action in full color for all of Volume 6!!
7 December 31, 2016 ISBN : 978-4088808970 N/A ISBN : N/A
Chapters list :
Chapter 7.1: Something Missing III 1

Chapter 7.2: Something Missing III 2

Chapter 7.3: Something Missing III 3

Chapter 7.4: Something Missing III 4

Chapter 7.5: Something Missing III 5

Cover character : Madigan

Pages :
Volume 7
Heaven Sider abandons their cargo ship, and the members that remained there have escaped to Earth. The landing point of their escape pod turns out to be near Chuuta's home, which is close to Japan's Suruga Bay. Although Chuuta and the others have descended to Earth to pursue them, Madigan temporarily stops their pursuit, to order them to train in order to get stronger the next day! Space police action in full color for all of Volume 7!
8 July 4, 2017 ISBN : 978-4088811307 {{{release_us}}} ISBN : {{{ISBN_us}}}
Chapters list :
Chapter 8.1: Something Missing IV Chapter 1

Chapter 8.2: Something Missing IV Chapter 2

Chapter 8.3: Something Missing IV Chapter 3

Chapter 8.4: Something Missing IV Chapter 4

Chapter 8.5: Something Missing IV Chapter 5

Cover character : King Kane

Pages :
Volume 8
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