Chapter 8.4
Title Chapter 8.4
in Kanji カケテイルモノIV 4話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono IV 4-wa
Volume 8
Overall Chapter # 45
Release Date March 6, 2017
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Something Missing IV Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of Season 8 and the forty-fifth chapter of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta and Misuzu continue to run back to Chuuta's house, both of them embarrassed about the kiss. They try to figure out what to tell Mimi.

In Egypt, Alvah informs King about Madigan's death. He also tells him that he was the one who killed Lili and Shakion, but excuses him by saying that he didn't know that they were on the same side. King is angry, but Alvah reminds him that it's all for the "blueprint". He tells King that he learned that the location of the "blueprint" is at Mount Taketori, thanks to Park brothers, who are another pair of spies assigned to watch over Madigan. King wants to hurry up and go to Mount Taketori, but Alvah reassures him that Dassim and Trumbo are already there, contrary to what he told Madigan about all Heavensider members being scattered around Earth.

At the park, Luzin tells the Park brothers that they will be the ones taking the blame for the explosion from Chuuta's and Madigan's fight and turn themselves in to the Earth police. The Park brothers were conflicted since Alvah told them to follow them around, but ultimately decide it's safer to be arrested.

In the skies, Dassim is flying towards Mount Taketori with Trumbo on his back directing him. Dassim uses his SPH to create a blast of energy that creates a storm.

Chuuta and Misuzu arrive at the muffin shop. Mimi is out greeting them. Just then, a tremor rocks the earth, as the sky turns stormy. Glock radios them to tell them that Heavensider is already at Mount Taketori, and that Dassim was the one causing the earthquake and storm. Chuuta decides to tell Mimi the truth and that he needs to go to Mount Taketori to stop the destruction of the Earth. Mimi initially thought Chuuta was just talking to himself, but Chuuta insists that he needs to go. Just then, another blast of energy comes down from the ground, destroying roads all over town. The rain pours down. Mimi refuses to let Chuuta go and runs inside, crying. Chuuta decides to go, but Mimi comes back and gives him a bag of muffins. Luzin arrives in a car and they get in, while Mimi watches them go and sobs. Luzin tells them that Glock, Veronica and Ninotchka are already going to the mountain. Chuuta vows to protect his aunt and the town from Heavensider.

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