Chapter 8.1
Title Something Missing IV Chapter 1
in Kanji カケテイルモノIV 1話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono IV 1-wa
Volume 8
Overall Chapter # 42
Release Date December 5, 2016
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Something Missing IV Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Season 8 and the forty-second chapter of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta confronts Madigan about him being a traitor. Just then, the others come up to them because the shops on the other side are closed. Dolugh urges Chuuta to tell the truth about Madigan to them, but he hesitates, not wanting to cause them even more despair. Misuzu, seeing Chuuta's distressed face, asks if he has something he wants to say but can't. She reveals that one time when she was doing an investigation with Madigan, she was ordered to keep it secret when he killed the innocent subordinate of a suspect in order to get them to confess. According to Veronica, she looked depressed at that time, just like how Chuuta is looking now. She was going to speak about it the next time she saw him, but couldn't because of the situation and the fact that he saved them. But now she decides to not lie anymore. Inspired by this, Chuuta tells everyone that Madigan is an ally of Heavensider. Shocked, Misuzu rushes at Madigan, who strikes her hard and handcuffs her. Veronica and Ninotchka also try to attack, but are knocked away. Madigan mocks Chuuta for being a coward. Chuuta shouts at Madigan that he won't ever forgive him, and Madigan is shocked to see him emitting SPH from his own body and not from Dolugh, since there's no case of an Earthling releasing their own SPH. Madigan riles him on further, causing him to emit more SPH. Dolugh cries out to Chuuta that it's too hot and it feels like his skin is melting. He feels his body being pulled in and Chuuta taking over his consciousness. A pair of gauntlets appear on his hands.

Meanwhile, Glock seems to sense something.

Madigan seems satisfied with Chuuta's development. Chuuta tells Dolugh that they are going to kill him and rushes at him.

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