Chapter 6.3
Title Something Missing II Chapter 3
in Kanji カケテイルモノII 3話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono 3-wa
Volume 6
Overall Chapter # 34
Release Date April 4, 2016
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Something Missing II Chapter 3 is the third chapter of Season 6 and the thirty-fourth chapter of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Things are looking bleak as everyone's oxygen supplies slowly start to run out. Ninotchka tries using her SPH against Shakion, but could not pierce his hard skin and she is punched in the gut by it. Veronica, in anger, tries to use her SPH to kick it, and narrowly saved from getting killed by Misuzu. Activating her SPH caused her horn to grow and pierce her helmet, forcing Misuzu to patch it with a green substance. Everyone is trying to suppress their panic while figuring out what to do. Chuuta tries to relate the situation to home ec so he can figure out a way to defeat Shakion. Dolugh says that its skin is somewhat similar to a walnut, reminding Chuuta of using a screwdriver to dig into the soft spots of the walnut to open it. Shakion's "soft spots" are his eyes and mouths. Veronica and Misuzu argue over who should carry out the attack, but Chuuta volunteers. Even though Chuuta is still a novice at space swimming, he's able to use his wings with Dolugh to move around easily. He rushes up at Shakion, who grabs his leg, but he manages to get close enough to his face for Dolugh to shoot his SPH into its mouth. However, it manages to shatter Chuuta's helmet completely. Dolugh continues to shoot at Shakion, damaging its eye, but it looks as though it's too late for Chuuta. Misuzu tries to go rescue Chuuta, but is grabbed by Shakion, and is about to have her helmet shattered as well when Shakion's arm suddenly distengrates. Meanwhile, a mysterious person who has been watching the battle puts his helmet on Chuuta and uses his SPH to distengrate Shakion completely. This person is revealed to be the Criminal Investigation Division head, Madigan.

Trivia Edit

  • An extra page of Madigan's battle against Shakion was added in the published volume.

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