Chapter 6.2
Title Something Missing II Chapter 2
in Kanji カケテイルモノII 2話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono II 2-wa
Volume 6
Overall Chapter # 33
Release Date March 7, 2016
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Something Missing II Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Season 6 and the thirty-third chapter of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta and the others are having no luck finding oxygen supplies. Just when things are starting to look a bit bleak, they hear a loud, ear-splitting cry, and Chips sees the huge monster Shakion. Shakion is a Survivor, a species not seen in a long time. It has a weird speech, and when Chips goes up to it, it punches his helmet, shattering it.

At the élDLIVE HQ, Laine, Dr. Love, and Taro are imprisoned by Bunyu and his troops. Laine is repeatedly turned down when he asks to speak to Kieshi. Even when Laine explains the situation at his station, he is met with ridicule and disbelief. Dr. Love tells Laine that he has learned from his backup computer that he had smuggled in that Divisions 2 and 5 of the CID have survived.

Chips is battered but mostly okay after being punched by Shakion, since he can hold his breath for an hour. Ninotchka finds out that the monster, who's name is Shakion, is a monster from the far ends of the él civilization that sank 5 ships. Misuzu thinks that it might have been what killed everyone in the station. The team decides to hit back if it attacks them again. It does, and Veronica uses her SPH to increase her speed in order to avoid getting hit while distracting it. Misuzu uses her SPH to create a giant ring and throws it, seemingly killing it. It turns out that it didn't work.

At HQ, one of the officers informs Bunyu about Dr. Love's computer. While they go to confiscate it, Laine thinks about how he could help Misuzu and the others. He decides to entrust them to "him", no matter what the risk. He then suddenly contacts the Janluno-R with an emergency code. Bunyu is shocked to see Laine's eye-patched eye glowing. Laine tells the ship to wake "that idiot" up.

Meanwhile, things are not going well for Chuuta and his friends, since no matter what they do Shakion seems to be undefeatable. Chuuta is smashed into the side of the station by it, but is okay. Their oxygen supply has dwindled to only 10 minutes.

In the central control room of the Janluno R, the code Laine sent is received by a computer. A cold sleep chamber is released and began defrosting. It contains the Criminal Investigation Division head, Madigan.

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