Chapter 6.1
Title Something Missing II Chapter 1
in Kanji カケテイルモノII 1話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono II 1-wa
Volume 6
Overall Chapter # 32
Release Date February 1, 2016
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Something Missing II Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Season 6 and the thirty-second chapter of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

The bodies of everyone in the station has now turned into green fiber. Chuuta, in grief, screams uncontrollably. Misuzu tries to open the hatch, despite the risk of infection. Seeing everyone in grief, Chuuta thinks that once again he couldn't do anything for his friends, but Dolugh tells him that's not true, since not all of his friends are dead, and right now, they need to figure out a way to survive. Chuuta, with renewed determination, tells everyone they need to figure out how to survive. The most essential thing is oxygen, of which they only have 30 minutes left of in their spacesuits. Ninotchka decides to look through the spaceship's emergency manual, Misuzu decides to check the ship's communication system, and Veronica, Chips, and Chuuta decide to look for the ship's emergency supplies.

In another part of space, far away from the station, the cargo ship, Alvah Baden, warps in. The crew debates if they should head back, since the station should have been annihilated by now. The virus they had unleashed on other planets was meant to draw attention away from the station, which is too small and remote for anyone to have time for. They had also spread rumors about the disease to increase confusion. And now that the Solar System District Station is gone, they are now free to search Earth for the "blueprint" without interference. King seems to be satisfied about how well their plan is going, and asks for his pet, Shakion, a huge green monster with an ear-splitting roar. He tells it that he can't bring it down to Earth, but he'll let him roam around nearby, looking for any ēlDLIVE survivors. This cheers it up, and Heaven Sider decides to head to Earth, where they are transfered down to Chile, Peru, England, and Egypt.

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