Chapter 5.7
Title Something Missing Chapter 7
in Kanji カケテイルモノ 7話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono 7-wa
Volume 5
Overall Chapter # 31
Release Date January 4, 2016
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Something Missing Chapter 7 is the seventh and final chapter of Season 5 and the thirty-first chapter of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

The equipment in the infirmary alerts Professor Isaac to the destabilizing condition of Revo, prompting him to go check on him. Meanwhile at the bridge, the staff talk about how much Chuuta and his relationship with Misuzu has changed. In the infirmary, Professor Isaac is shocked to discover that he has already died and seems to be turning into fibre. He is even more shocked to discover the green spots on Revo have spread to him, meaning that he's been infected. Before he could go close the door of the infirmary, he collapses.

Outside in space, Chuuta is getting the hang of moving around in space thanks to the help of his colleagues. Misuzu uses her SPH to create rings for Chuuta to go through without touching, which he does successfully. They then head back to the station, but discover that the hatch is locked. Veronica calls Tonto to ask her to unlock it, but is surprised to hear the alarm ringing. Ninotchka logs into the security system and finds out that the infection alarm has been set off. This means that they would have to stay outside for 24 hours before being allowed back in. However, their annoyance quickly turns into confusion when the personnel health report Ninotchka sends them shows that nearly everyone in the station is dead.

At élDLIVE HQ, Laine asks Dr. Love for help with the pandemic crisis. Just when they are discussing it, an alarm begins to ring on both of their screens, reporting the deaths in the Solar System District Station. Dr. Love remarks that the disease sounds exactly like the one Laine told him about. Laine wants to go back, and Taro agrees, but Dr. Love is worried about the risk, since there's no cure yet. He asks Laine to find a better excuse, like the real reason why he's in charge of the station. Laine reasons that there's still a chance to set up a quarantine. Just when he is about to head out, he's stopped by Senior Commissioner Bunyu, who places them under arrest for being accomplices to Dr. Love not submitting a document for public hearing. Dr. Love says while putting on his polarization ball that the real reason is probably for humiliating him at the public hearing. Laine asks Bunyu if he's joking, and in anger Bunyu shows him élDLIVE's strongest troops, who have surrounded their room. Bunyu commands them to take them to jail.

Back at the station, Chips yells at the others to come to the front of the ship, where they can see inside. There, they witness their colleagues dying instantly from the infection, turning into green fiber right after. In tears, they see the death reports of their friends coming up one right after the other. Chuuta screams in anguish, wondering what is happening.

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