Chapter 5.5
Title Something Missing Chapter 5
in Kanji カケテイルモノ 5話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono 5-wa
Volume 5
Overall Chapter # 29
Release Date November 2, 2015
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Something Missing Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of Season 5 and the twenty-ninth chapter of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

The ship that warped in next to the station is a large cargo ship. As warping in like that is illegal, Riggs asks the captain and vice-captain of the ship to come aboard the station to be interrogated. The captain and vice-captain of the ship is revealed to be McCay and Lili of Heaven Sider, respectively.

The CID is sent out to inspect the cargo and crew of the ship, as the traffic division is still recovering from injuries from an incident. It's revealed that Chuuta never learned how to move around in space, so Chips decides to teach him later. Divisions 5 and 1 decide to inspect the cargo while Division 2 goes to check out the crew.

Inside the ship, Chuuta, Misuzu and Chips split up to find the crew. Chuuta goes to the cafeteria and finds them there. The crew (Heaven Sider) teases him relentlessly, flustering him, but he manages to scan them and confirm that they are the crew registered in the database. He spots a locked door and asks to see who's inside. Despite Alvah trying to deflect him from the door, he goes in and sees King, who's sleeping. Chuuta taps him to wake him up so he could scan him, but King, once roused, grabbed his arm so hard that it seemed like he is about to snap the bone. This pains Chuuta that he cries out, and Dolugh appears, hissing at King. His appearance shocks Heaven Sider.

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