Chapter 5.1
Title Something Missing Chapter 1
in Kanji カケテイルモノ 1話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono 1-wa
Volume 5
Overall Chapter # 25
Release Date August 3, 2015
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Something Missing Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Season 5 and the twenty-fifth chapter of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

On the planet Skou, the él civilization outsiders are gathered around a Mothers unit, which was ripped from the Mothers network by Demille to turn it into their main computer for information storage and management. Cherrill, the dark-haired woman, wonders aloud why all the Mothers are female, and Trumbo, the boy with the flower crown, laughs at her because he says it's not for her to say that since she can't fully become a man or woman. This riles her up and they are about to fight when Alvah, the tall blond man, tells him to continue work on analyzing information from the Mothers computer. He shouts back that he's already done, and that it wasn't they who told him to, but King. Cherrill wonders if there's any difference, and McCay, the man with glasses, says there is, since he, as the second-in-command to their boss King, rank above Alvah. Cherrill points that he's just the self-proclaimed second-in-command, and they are about to fight if not for Dassim, the blue-skinned man stopping them. Just then, King comes back, dragging the bodies of Demille's top fighter and esper. Trumbo shows him the data he analyzed, showing him the locations of the ancient ruins Demille investigated on a map of él civilization, before overlapping the planet Griffith's golden coordinate over it, showing that it matches those locations perfectly. King asks where the "blueprint" is, and Trumbo shows him that the place overlapping the "blueprint"'s location is Earth, explaining that Demille went there once to investigate the single Monitalien there. The others express their disbelief, but Trumbo tells them that the executive who blew himself up, Gucchi, was the one who went there and destroyed his recorder there as well, meaning that there's something he wanted to hide from Demille. King doesn't seem to care about the fact that there's an ēlDLIVE station there, and orders them to go to Earth to take the "blueprint".

On Earth, there's been a report of a series of bombings in Japan with the suspect being a Scanerian alien. The criminal investigation division is dispatched. The suspect pushes past a crowd of people, and when some try to take a picture of him, they found that there phones are unable to work because of Virgil's SPH. Virgil and his partner then leave everything to Chuuta, Misuzu, and Chips, who are already chasing after the suspect.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first chapter to have recap pages.
  • Dassim's name was originally "Dassin" in this chapter before being changed in Season 6. It was also cut out in Volume 5.
  • McCay's name was originally "Domitoriku" in this chapter before being changed in Season 6. It was also cut out in Volume 5.