Chapter 4.6
Title A New Darkness (Part 1)
in Kanji 新たな闇(前編)
in Rōmaji Arata na Yami (Zenpen)
Volume 4
Overall Chapter # 23
Release Date May 11, 2015
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A New Darkness (Part 1) is the sixth chapter of Season 4 and the twenty-third chapter of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

In the locker room, Chuuta takes out the memory stick containing files about the Mount Taketori incident Misuzu gave to him after the fight with Gucchi. Before he could go check it out, Misuzu and Chips come in. Misuzu, thinking about how Dr. Love said that she secretly wants Chuuta to fail, apologizes to him before quickly leaving, leaving Chuuta confused.

Outside, Misuzu slumps against the wall. Veronica and Ninotchka show up and Veronica teases Misuzu about her messy hair. Misuzu grabs her by the collar, which excites Veronica. Ninotchka and Chips scold them both and they reluctantly stop.

At headquarters, many people are gathered in the meeting hall to listen to Dr. Love talk about his rejuvenation operation. Laine tells the crowd to understand that Dr. Love has to cover his face with a polarization ball to avoid having his face identified for security purposes, and to refrain from asking questions about his current location. Dr. Love was scanned by robots which confirmed his identity and that his physical age is now 22 in él years, and 14 in Earth years. The host of the meeting tells him that if he's lying he'll be charged with perjury. The crowd is amazed, but Dr. Love wants to talk about other topics like spy prevention and the increase in number of planets that are becoming anti-Mothers. The host of the meeting dismisses this and allows the crowd to pepper him with questions about the rejuvenation operation. Laine thinks about how when they asked them to come here to talk about ethical issues in rejuvenation, they really just wanted to ask if they can become young as well. Dr. Love is asked to explain the operation. He explains that he applied space pheromones to parts of his body instead of emitting it. As he was about to explain further, he suddenly falls down in pain. He says that the technique is still not perfect yet, and then his right arms falls off.

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