Chapter 4.1
Title Misuzu's Lie (Part 1)
in Kanji 美鈴の嘘 (前編)
in Rōmaji Misuzu no Uso (Zenpen)
Volume 4
Overall Chapter # 18
Release Date February 2, 2015
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Misuzu's Lie (Part 1) is the first chapter of Season 4 and the eighteenth chapter of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta's and Misuzu's homeroom teacher introduce Veronica, Ninotchka, and Dr. Love has three new transfer students into their class. Chuuta flashes back to an hour ago when Chips explained that Division 5 will be working with them on Earth. Dr. Love will provide a backup for scientific investigation and Veronica and Ninotchka will act as his escorts.

Tateyan immediately gets a crush on Ninotchka. Veronica comes over and talks to Misuzu despite having to act as if they're strangers. She tells her that she's not going to lose to her in anything, no matter if it's studying or sports. Meanwhile, Tateyan begs Chuuta to go ask Misuzu to go bowling since he asked Ninotchka to go bowling with him and she said she'd go if Chuuta, Misuzu and the transfer students are going as well. Dr. Love shows up and agrees to go bowling.

After school, Chuuta tries to convince Misuzu to go bowling through the radio in his badge. She keeps refusing, then asks why he isn't talking to her in person. He tells her it's because she can't stand his smell, referring back to their conversation after the remote control SPH incident. She gets flustered and tells him that what she said was a mistake, despite the fact that she's wearing a nose clip. He points this out and they start arguing, before Laine cuts in to the transmission and scolds them for using the radio for personal matters. He orders Misuzu to go bowling because he wants her to communicate properly with her new team. He also tells them that the SPH radar has been picking up on traces of SPH coming from the bowling alley every night, and wants to go investigate.

Later, the group arrives at the bowling alley.

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