Chapter 3.7
Title Something to Believe In 7
in Kanji シンジラレルモノ 7
in Rōmaji Shinjirarerumono 7
Volume 3
Overall Chapter # 16
Release Date November 3, 2014
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Something to Believe In 7 is the seventh chapter of Season 3 and sixteenth chapter of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta chases after Dahli and attacks him with his SPH, but Dahli manages to escape. The chase continues down a corridor until Dahli reaches a door that he thought led to an escape pod, but instead lead to outer space, where he suffocated to death. Chuuta is dragged out too, but is saved by Laine in a spacesuit. Since the real spy was discovered, Misuzu is freed of all charges. The crew celebrates.

Afterwards, in Laine's office, the senior commissioner and Laine's boss, Kieshi, talks to Laine and Dr. Love. He confirms that Misuzu's charges will be dropped, and that the video of her breaking the prison bars was faked by Dahli, even though the camera was supposedly immune to tampering. He tells Dr. Love to pick a spot outside the Solar System to hide at, but he declines because he wants to stay in the station, as there are "interesting subjects" like the Monitalien's host, and the test subject of his former program. He then accuses élDLIVE of letting Misuzu stay a Level 50 patient despite the fact that he has offered again and again to make her healthy again and restore her memories. Kieshi claims that that decision was made by Mothers. Dr. Love states that he wants to stay near her since he knows about her condition better than anyone; for example, the fact that Misuzu's health is affected by Chuuta's presence. Kieshi agrees to let him stay, but tells Laine to put an escort on him.

In the halls, Chuuta learns from Professor Isaac that Veronica and Ninotchka are both doing fine. Just then, Misuzu appears, fully recovered. She compliments him for his work on the Dr. Love case and apologizes for making commotion with the spy case.

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