Chapter 3.6
Title Something to Believe In 6
in Kanji シンジラレルモノ 6
in Rōmaji Shinjirarerumono 6
Volume 3
Overall Chapter # 15
Release Date October 27, 2014
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Something to Believe In 6 is the sixth chapter of Season 3 of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta and Dolugh realize that the person who interrogated them, Inspector Belargo's subordinate, is the one who implanted the remote control SPH in Ninotchka (who was interrogated by him before) and behind this whole scheme. They immediately contact Laine.

In the station, after learning about the situation from Chuuta, Laine springs into action and orders an arrest for Beralgo's subordinate, Dahli Lime. Dahli, meanwhile, is in the guest room where Beralgo is staying and kills him to take his inspector's privilege. The investigation team that was sent towards the guest room then reported to Riggs that their own people were attacking them. Laine realizes that more of the station staff are under the control of the remote control SPH. Just then, Maclane falls under the control of the remote control SPH and threatens to kill everyone.

Meanwhile, Chuuta and Dr. Love are transferred back to the station along with the unconscious bodies of Veronica, Ninotchka, and Chips. Sheronimo is in a panic and tells them they will all be killed by their own colleagues, but Dr. Love denies that because since only a small percentage of people can be controlled, it's impossible for everyone to be killed. He guesses that Dahli is after something else, and is probably at the "treasure door" he mentioned through Ninotchka. At the bridge, Laine is notified by Harry that someone (Dahli) opened the door to the prison area with an inspector's key. Laine, to his horror, realizes why there were so many odd coincidences lately and what Dahli's goal is. He runs off towards the prison.

In the prison, Dahli unlocks Misuzu's cell, where she lies unconscious. His plan originally was to kidnap Dr. Love from Earth, then to carry her off from the inspector's ship when they transfer her and use Dr. Love's medical expertise to unlock the "door", which is actually Misuzu's sealed memories. Just as he is about to carry her away, Chuuta storms through the door to stop him.

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