Chapter 3.4
Title Something to Believe In 4
in Kanji シンジラレルモノ 4
in Rōmaji Shinjirarerumono 4
Volume 3
Overall Chapter # 13
Release Date October 13, 2014
Anime Episode Episode 7
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Chapter 3.3
Chapter 3.5
Something to Believe In 4 is the fourth chapter of Season 3 of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Faced off against Ninotchka, who's being controlled by the remote control SPH, Chuuta asks Dr. Love what he should do. Dr. Love suggests that she knocks her out so he can shoot her with the SPH removal cannon to turn her back to normal.

Ninotchka attacks Chuuta first, and they fight, but Ninotchka seems to be having the upper hand. Dr. Love notes that since Dolugh isn't updated, it will be a hard fight. As Chuuta is about to succumb to his fear, Veronica weakly calls out to him to tell him to run away. Chuuta's determination is renewed and he resolves to win this fight and bring her back to the medical ward.

He is then forced by Ninotchka's attacks to take cover.He comes up with an idea with Dolugh to weave a decoy of him out of cables to distract Ninotchka in order to catch her by surprise. It seems to work, until Ninotchka reveals that she sees through it and overwhelms him with her SPH. It causes a huge explosion. Chuuta wakes up in the middle of the crater with half of his face burnt. He tries to talk to Dolugh but is horrified to see that Dolugh's body seems to be completely destroyed.

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