Chapter 3.2
Title Something to Believe In 2
in Kanji シンジラレルモノ 2
in Rōmaji Shinjirarerumono 2
Volume 3
Overall Chapter # 11
Release Date September 29, 2014
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Something to Believe In 2 is the second chapter of Season 3 of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta, Chips and Dolugh transferred down to the middle of a forest on Earth. There, they meet up with the fifth division, composed of the two girls Chuuta ran into before. The redheaded girl is Assistant Inspector Veronica Borowczyk, the leader of the division, and the dark haired girl is Officer Nina Mikhailovna Pavlova, nicknamed Ninotchka. The two of them are friends with Misuzu as they joined ēlDLIVE around the same time. The group then head to a restaurant where Dr. Love will contact them.

Veronica talks in secret code to the restaurant owner, but he turns out to be the green-haired man in disguise, having killed the real owner. He has the restaurant patrons under his control and threatens to blow them up if they did not tell him where Dr. Love is. He also reveals he has a spy in the station. Veronica is forced to tell him that Dr. Love is in the restaurant's undeground. The man decides to blow up the restaurant after all to reach it, and runs out. The officers use their SPH to get the bombs off of and protect the patrons, and the restaurant is destroyed in the explosion.

Meanwhile, the green-haired man spots a crater revealed by the explosion, and heads down to capture Dr. Love, but is shocked by the corpse he sees instead. The officers, who followed him, are also dissgusted, as Dr. Love's chest was ripped open and his ribs are sticking out. Somebody suddenly asks them what they are doing there, and tells them that they are too late. The owner of the voice is a boy with blue hair and bloodstained clothes, standing next to Dr. Love's body holding a bloody heart in his hand.

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