Chapter 2.5
2.5 cover
Title Pursuer From the Past 5
in Kanji 過去からの追撃者 5
in Rōmaji Kako kara no Tsuigeki-sha 5
Volume 2
Overall Chapter # 8
Release Date January 1, 2014
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Pursuer From the Past 5 is the fifth chapter of Season 2 of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

After receiving the message about Demille's attack, Laine springs in to action. He orders the SPH protection barrier to be set up around the ship and for the laser cannons to be fired up, but Tonto couldn't fulfill his second order because of an interference from another part of the ship that caused the security system to block off all access into the main system. Laine discovered that the culprit was Belargo, who is causing the interference by trying and failing to access the special cameras installed in the prison in order to find the spy. At the bridge, Riggs manages to finish neutralizing the jamming from the Demille ship as well as fix the radar, revealed that there were mines surrounding the station. Explosions rock the ship. The barrier is put up around the ship.

Meanwhile, Misuzu and Chuuta arrive at the station, and Misuzu immediately goes to the control room for the cannons, but they encounter Tonto there, who's using specialized system to control all the cannons by synchronizing them with her paws. She manages to shoot down most of the mines, but more begin to gather to the damaged part of the ship so Laine is told to rotate the ship left. Instead of doing that, he decides to fire the élmaser cannon at seemingly empty space, but which ended up being where the hidden Demille ship is. Riggs explains that the enemy was using the mines to make the Jan-ru-no R face left, and in order for them to hit that side of the ship they had to be in a certain area, which was how Laine figured out where they were.

On the revealed Demille ship, instead of launching a counterattack, Gucchi decides to warp away, disappearing from the station's radar. The station crew celebrates because they have successfully intercepted Demille.

On Earth, Chuuta visits Gucchi's grave again to remove the flowers, as Gucchi is still alive. Gucchi's mom suddenly appears behind them and just as Chuuta is about to leave, she stops him by apologizing for what she said to him at Gucchi's funeral, and shows him the blue box that he and his friends have buried a long time ago. It was dug up by Gucchi a month after they buried it, and his mom left it in his room until one day when she went in she discovered it was gone and replaced with something else: a photo of the four of them and a badge that used to be pinned to Gucchi's backpack when he went hiking. Thus, Gucchi's mom still believes that he's alive, and asks Chuuta to play with him once more if he ever comes home. Chuuta promises that he will.

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