Chapter 2.1
Title Pursuer from the Past 1
in Kanji 過去からの追撃者
in Rōmaji Kako kara no Tsuigeki-sha
Volume 2
Overall Chapter # 4
Release Date December 20, 2013
Anime Episode Episode 4
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Pursuer from the Past 1 is the first chapter of Season 2 of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Seven years ago, one month before the Mount Taketori incident, Chuuta, Matsutarou, Michiyo, and Gucchi were gathered at a shrine to give Gucchi a going-away party before he moves away. Chuuta, Matsutarou, and Michiyo each give him gifts: a bag of cicadas and a spoon from Gucchi's favorite noodle restaurant from Matsutarou, knitted dolls of the four of them from Chuuta, and a box studded with gem stickers from Michiyo. Gucchi is appreciative of the gifts, but tells them that he's not moving away after all. The group debates what to do with the gifts until Chuuta suggests making a time capsule with Michiyo's box to dig it up in the future. Everyone agrees, and Gucchi also adds in a picture of the four of them taken by his mother. The group then starts to bury it in front of the shrine.

In the present day, Chuuta is exhausted from trying to dig up the box, but could not find it. Drew notes that Chuuta has been thinking about his three friends a lot lately, instead of avoiding thinking about it.

At school, while standing bored outside at an assembly, Chuuta flashes back to his élDLIVE training yesterday at the station with Misuzu. Chips, who was in charge, released a swarm of little flying robots that are able to sting. Chuuta and Misuzu both defeated them using their SPH techniques. Chuuta Chuuta and Misuzu then get into another argument because she threw one of her rings at him right after she told him to "please dodge it", making it sound like a request rather than an order. Misuzu tried to shorten dodge to "dog salmon", which made no sense to Chuuta. Chips then interrupted them by saying he accidentally hit level 100 on the machine that releases the robots. Just then, Tonto walks in, and the swarm focuses on her instead. The others cry out, but are surprised when she quickly defeated them. Drew notes that there are a lot of staff members with specialty skills, even if they are not suited for combat.

Chuuta goes back to thinking that Misuzu is uncute, but just then, she suddenly faints. At the same time, Drew mentions that something smells before also fainting. Chuuta's badge then vibrates because Chips is contacting him, telling him that he's coming to retrieve the two of them. Right after that, a human-looking robot appears, controlled by Chips, pretending to be Misuzu's mother in order to take her and Chuuta away. Misuzu, still conscious, plays along.

After the three of them leave, two students in the crowd says that Chuuta and Misuzu had fell into their trap.

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