Saotam's true form
Kanji ボーチャー
Romaji Boochaa
AKA Saotome-sensei
Personal Information
Species Shabrolian
Status Incarcerated
Gender Female
Professional Information
Occupation Teacher (former)
Rank C Rank Criminal
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1.1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Shizuka Itou (as Saotome)

Kenichirou Matsuda (as Bocha)

English Voice Whitney Rodgers (as Saotome)

Bocha (ボーチャー Boochaa?) is the criminal and a Shabrolian on earth Chuuta Kokonose had to capture in order to pass the élDLIVE admission test. She used the fake name Saotome and disguised itself as an ordinary human in order to lure humans and prey on them. She is a class C criminal.


Bocha is a pig-like, green alien, wearing a purple suit. She has claws and very sharp teeth.


Not much is known about her personality but it appears she is rather impatient and loud. She was also smart enough to use Tateyan as a hostage when she realised Chuuta was with the élDLIVE police force.


Bocha's disguise

Bocha in her disguise as Saotome

Bocha is the criminal on earth Chuuta has to capture on order to pass his élDLIVE admission test. First seen in her desguise as Saotome but she was quickly discovered to be the criminal instead of a harmless human. After finding out Chuuta is with the élDLIVE police force she tries to use Tateyan as a hostage in order to escape capture. After being hit with Drew 's symbiosis twice she is then knocked out and apprehended.