Kanji アルバ
Romaji Aruba
Personal Information
Species Alien
Status Alive
Gender Male
Birthday January 20
Height 186 cm
Weight 80 kg
Blood Type ?
Professional Information
Affiliations Heaven Sider
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 4.7

Alvah (アルバ, Aruba?) is a member of Heaven Sider.

Appearance Edit

Alvah is a young looking humanoid alien with long blond hair and light blue eyes. He is quite tall and slender. He is so far only seen in a light pink jacket, white pants and black boots. He wears black gloves that also serves as his weapons.

Personality Edit

Alvah is shown to be an easy-going and unaffected person, always having a smile on his face in all situations, even while being insulted or killing someone else. Even though he acts cheerful and friendly, he, like the rest of the group, is ruthless and not afraid to commit mass murder to get what they want. Though he is technically not the second-in-command of Heaven Sider, he oversees a lot of the group's activities in King's stead. 

History Edit

At some point in time, Alvah joined up with King and Heaven Sider.

Plot Edit

Season 4 Edit

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