Akira Amano

Akira Amano (天野明 Amano Akira?, born 1973) is a female Japanese manga artist known for the shōnen manga series Reborn!.

Early versions of Reborn! were published in seinen manga magazines. In late 2003, the series, a stand-alone short story at the time, was published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump.After the success of the short story, the series began serialization in the magazine in mid-2004. Since then, the manga has been adapted into an anime, as well as five light novels and several video games.


  • Shōnen Spin</li>
  • Neppuu Yakyuu Densetsu Picchan</li>
  • Petit Petit Rabbit (ぷちぷちラビィ Puchi Puchi Rabii?): A two volumes manga published in Bessatsu Young Magazine and Young Magazine by Kodansha in 2000.</li>
  • Monkey Business</li>
  • Bakuhatsu HAWK!!</li>
  • Reborn!: A completed manga that has been published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump since 4th of April 2004 and ended on 4th of November 2012. It has an anime adaption and was being published in an English translation by Viz Media until they decided to put it on hiatus.</li>
  • Psycho-Pass: Original Character Design</li>
  • Warashibe Tantei Numashichirō: A one-shot</li>
  • élDLIVE : A seasonal manga series published in Jump LIVE.</li>
  • Nemuri Netaro Arawaru</li>

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